Welcome to Briargate!

The Briargate Community Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Texas. Membership is mandatory and each owner automatically becomes a member of the Association upon acquiring a home in the Briargate Community. The Association is governed by the “Declaration of Covenants and Conditions” and operates according to the by-laws of the Association.

One of the major responsibilities of the Association is to protect your investment and enhance the value of your property. The sustained value of your home is of great interest to you.

The Community Association exists to establish, maintain, and enforce mutually beneficial restrictions. These restrictions are necessary for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of all property within Briargate. If the Association functions well, it is our opinion that the lifestyle you have chosen and your property values will be maintained. Each homeowner is involved in the Association in some manner.

We encourage you to take an active role by serving on a committee. Success of your Community Association is dependent upon the involvement of homeowners such as you.

HOA Election is Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 10:00 AM

The HOA Election is this Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 10:00 AM at the clubhouse.

Please check your mail for your proxy and voting instructions.

An indication marker of (i) denotes the current board members on the proxy. Due to a technical glitch, that indication marker may have printed as an (mcxvii), (mcccli), (i) or something similar in nature, all of which have the same meaning with indication of (i) current board member.

Annual Meeting Update


The 2024 Briargate Community Improvement Association, Inc.’s annual meeting and election is being facilitated by Marshall Management Group Inc.

All information pursuant to this year’s annual meeting should be directed to Marshall Management Group Inc. via:

Email:           briargate@mmgihouston.com

Tele:             713.977.6644

Web:             briargatecia.org

Add:              4800 Sugar Grove, Ste. 140 Stafford, TX. 77477

The purpose of this solicitation is to seek an additional candidate(s) for the 2024 Briargate Election.

If you wish to run for a Board Seat at the 2024 Briargate Election, please let the Association know.  The last date to add names to the Briargate Community Improvement’s Proxy Ballot will be March 5th at 3:00 P.M.

The election is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 23, 2024.  A formal notice will be mailed.  Five positions are on the Ballot this year.  Name submissions need to be in writing and delivered to the above address or emailed to briargate@mmgihouston.com

Thank you,

Board of Directors

Briargate Elementary Rebuild

The estimated cost for Briargate Elementary school rebuild is $47 million, with construction estimated to last approximately two years.

While the construction of the new campus is underway, students and staff will remain consolidated at Blue Ridge Elementary during the reconstruction of Briargate Elementary.

The decision to rebuild Briargate Elementary is part of the district’s ongoing consolidation efforts, which aim to reduce operational expenses while providing innovative educational facilities for students in these communities.

The new campus will be designed to accommodate up to 1,000 students, featuring flexible learning spaces, abundant natural light, one- and two­story sections, expanded libraries, state-of-the-art technology, specialized rooms for art, music, and special education, as well as secure, fenced-in play areas.

Click here to view rebuild photos.

Briargate Trail

Briargate Trail is now complete for homeowners and residents to enjoy!

Homeowners and residents no longer need to leave their community for jogging, walking, or biking. The board members will be adding a dog park soon.

Annual Meeting Proxy Extension

Briargate has extended the proxy deadline to February 25, 2023 to meet the Bylaws guidelines due to the lack of votes necessary to obtain a quorum.



Briargate Board of Directors