Election Announcement

At the Briargate Annual Meeting and Election to be held on January 30th, all members attending in person electronically who do not turn in the Ballot will be counted towards quorum. We do not have a mechanism to vote electronically, but any ballot received at the clubhouse on election day before the voting commences will be counted.. Write in candidates will be deemed nominated and can also be nominated (or self- nominated) from the electronic floor. As in past years, the Ballots will be signed in on Friday January 30th beginning at 2pm and concluding around 5pm so that Quorum can be determined and the meeting can start on time on Saturday.

If you are running as a Candidate or Write In Candidate you can send a witness to both the sign in and to the ballot counting. If multiple candidates send witnesses, the number of witnesses may need to be limited for safety reasons which hopefully can be agreed upon by the candidates. Proxy Holders will be allowed to fill out unvoted proxies that arrive in the mail after 3pm to give the Election Committee the chance to segregate them. If you believe that you will be named a proxy holder please show up at the Clubhouse on Friday January 29 after 3pm or at the clubhouse prior to the meeting after 9am. If you are a Write In Candidate or believe that you will be named a Proxy Holder on mailed in Ballots, please notify the Association so that you can be contacted regarding witnesses or proxies.

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